• More than 15 of years experience available for your project.

    > Single, EP or LP production.

    Produce, record, mix and master your project

    With more than 15 years of profesional experience and over 50 band's projects under my belt, I can take your music to the next level and help you realize your musical vision.

    Need guidance to make your music sound and feel the way you've always wanted? I can help you as a producer to make it happen.

    Record with me in any profesional studio that suits your project or in my own studio in Cartago, Costa Rica. We can find the perfect place together for your music.

    Take your music to the next level! Get it ready for physical or digital release, optimized for youtube, spotify, apple music and all the digital platforms.

    As an audio engineer you can hire to produce, record, mix or master your project or any combination that suits your audio needs!


    My control room: lots of natural light and the ideal creative space.